infringement Festival



infringement TV is currently looking for contributors.  Here are some ways you can get involved:


PROPOSE A SHOW:  Do you have an interesting program idea that would be a good fit for infringement TV and the people to do it with?  Why not put together a weekly, monthly or even daily show? All  you need is access to a camera (webcam's okay but a digital camera's better), a relatively fast computer, a good stable internet connection and someone with decent skills to run the board, we can show you the rest.  You also need to have an original concept and preferably one that challenges the status quo.  It doesn't have to be radical or activist (though that's a plus) but it should be something that comes from an honest place and something that you won't find anywhere else.  To propose a show or for more information, please contact


PROPOSE AN EVENT:  Are you putting on a show (theatre, music, spoken-word, dance, etc.) or holding a conference or some sort of discussion that you feel could benefit from being streamed live online?  Did you make an independent film and are looking for a place to show it?  If so, then you can propose your event as a live infringement TV event.  In most circumstances, you'd have to provide the camera, computer, internet connection and person to run the board, but if your event is in Montreal, it may be possible to have the infringement TV crew assist you.  To propose a live event or for more information, please contact


SUBMIT A VIDEO:  We are currently running a loop of videos when we are not webcasting live or airing a specific program.  The videos in this loop are also available in the On Demand library.  If you have a video of your show, culture-jam or political action or a music video that you would like to contribute, or for more information, please contact